Ear Halo - Makes Cropped ears easier to manage
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The best way to get your dogs ears to stand without taping or  wrapping them.


NEW EH-1 Ear Halo design NOW Shipping.

Will have better pics up soon.

New Design is much smaller, lighter, All plastic and much easier to apply and figure out.

AND..... Its MUCH CHEAPER than the other design for as low as $39.99 for Brace only and $54.99 for the Combo kit... If you have any questions, please feel free to ask..

EH-1 Ear Halo All plastic, lightweight, Affordabole EH-1 Ear Halo All plastic, lightweight, Affordabole EH-1 Ear Halo All plastic, lightweight, Affordabole


The unique design of the Ear Halo will eliminate the taping and wrapping of the ears for  

proper stance. Other methods can also be bulky, uncomfortable, and stressful to apply.

The Ear Halo is easily applied in a matter of minutes with only a few steps.

 The Ear Halo can also be used immediately after cropping of the ears.

Since there is no taping or wrapping involved, the ear can get air and breathe.

This will accelerate ear stance, healing time and lesson the chance of infection.

 The Ear Halo weighs UNDER 1 ounce and has a VERY strong and a durable design

If you have floppy , bending & weak ears, this unique device is what you need.

The Ear Halo is perfect for Breeders, Veterinarians, and anyone looking to save time, money, and an effortless application.

Since the Ear Halo is so durable, breeders and such can reuse them for other dogs in the future.

The Ear Halo can fit on any age of dog, no matter what breed. You can use this on all breeds  that get their ears cropped, i.e.  (Doberman Pinschers, Pit Bulls, Boxers, Great Danes and more) or even on breeds of dogs that have weak , bending/folding ears for correction.



More pics to come...

EH-1 Ear Halo All plastic, lightweight, Affordabole 

EH-1 Ear Halo All plastic, lightweight, Affordabole






With purchase, you will receive:            

1.) Ear Halo                                        

2.) 1 oz. Bottle of surgical glue             

3.) 10 yards of medical tape                 

4.) Full installation instructions             

Other supplies available 

1.) Adhesive Remover                     



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